“The level of service at LAURA'S CLEANING SERVICE is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”
H.A.  Huntsville, Tx
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. LAURA'S CLEANING SERVICE was recommended to me by a friend, the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
 A.  Brack Huntsville, Tx.
We hired Laura's Cleaning Service to clean our house when we put it on the market.  Her crew did a wonderful job.  They showed up on time, brought their own supplies and set right to work.  We were really impressed by how well they did.
My husband wanted to do something special for me ,so he surprised me by having my house cleaned.  While I didn't personally meet the ladies who cleaned it.  I was very happy with how nice my house looked and smelled.  It was apparent that they put in a lot of hard work to please us.  
 Betty  Pow.
My husband and I purchased a new  house  two months ago.  After cleaning our prior home and  packing to move into our new house in  College Station I just didn't  have the energy to tackle our new home.  I wanted to know we were moving into a house that was clean.  Thus we hired Laura and her crew.  They were awesome and the money was well spent.
 Kelley M
I lost my wife and haven't had the heart to clean my house. As a last resort I called Laura's Cleaning Service, they did a remarkable job . It feels like a home again, it has really cheered me up.  So nice to have clean sheets, everything feels so clean and smells so fresh. Thank You for cheering me up again. I appreciate you deeply.
John  Pepper
Just wanted to tell you thanks for a job well done!
Thanks for coming in at the last minute to help us out of a jam.  We appreciate the work you guys did more then you will ever know.  We hope to have you back again.
Rhonda and Jason
Prices were a bit high, more then what we wanted to spend, but I have to say this cleaning company went above and beyond the call of duty to clean up our house full of college kids.    What started out as a huge mess took this cleaning company only a few hours to clean . We gave them an extra tip.   
My house had a household of goods, food, trash,  etc. 26 years worth of dust and dirt buildup. I  had let my house go and let it rundown due to  I am a very busy person, never at home, always on the run putting things off until later.  I had no one to help me stay on top of my house.  Sick husband in the hospital.  I was very stressed, worn out, and reduced to tears.  I made the decision to find someone who would help to clean my home. I wanted everything that was piled to be packed up and hauled to our buses , I  wanted everything out of my house. I wanted my life to be renewed again.   Laura classified my house as a hoarder house and  brought in her crew who packed up and hauled everything out of my house. Then cleaned and sanitized it.  I can not even begin to say how appreciative I am.  I can't even begin to explain how nice and wonderful it is to have my house and life back. It's like having a whole new life and start.  They did a job.  It was a huge task to take on.  Thank you  Laura and your crew for not turning your back on me, for staying on the job, and coming back the next day to finish,  for not for not judging me.  Thank you for working the weekend  and for your advice and concern and for cleaning my stove  and microwave.  Thank You for allowing me to cry on your shoulder and  keeping a good sense of humor.  Most of all Thank You for keeping your word to clean my house even after you saw  it.  Also would like to Thank Your brother  and son for all the work they did.   You took a world of stress off of my shoulders. Anonymous Customer

Laura, Thank You and your crew for coming in and doing a health clean for my mother.  My siblings and I greatly appreciate you helping us out in our time of need.

Joan J
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